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Energy Dynamics is a family-owned HVAC and Geothermal Wholesale Distributor with first-class products and "small-town USA" service.

If doing business with us doesn't make you feel like the most important customer we have, then we have

totally failed as a company.​

– Brandon Darnell, CEO / President​




You don't have to be related to be part of our family.


Home and business owners deserve reliability, comfort, savings, and peace of mind. Your satisfaction is the strongest indicator of our company's success.


We believe in earning the trust and allegiance of our dealers. We don’t succeed

if you don’t!

Meet The Experts


What makes Energy Dynamics different from other distributors?

Zoom in and explore the difference

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Nebraska HVAC and Geothermal Specialist.
Montana HVAC and Geothermal Specialist.p
Minnesota HVAC and Geothermal Specialist
South Dakota HVAC and Geothermal Special
North Dakota HVAC and Geothermal Special
Wyoming HVAC and Geothermal Specialist.p

Largest Inventories in the Region


We have all "walked a mile in your boots." We know firsthand the challenges contractors face.

Colin Wunder HVAC Plumbing Geothermal Sp
Colin Wunder

Vice President of Technical Services

Colin Wunder is a 45+-year veteran contractor. He holds licenses as a Master Plumber and Master Electrician. He is highly respected in the contracting community as a geothermal, radiant floor, air handling, and commercial refrigeration expert. Since joining Energy Dynamics in 2010, Colin has become a partner in the business.

Brandon Darnell

President / CEO

Brandon Darnell is the President/CEO of Energy Dynamics. He grew up in the mechanical contracting business. He obtained an Associate Degree in HVAC, graduating at the very top of his class in 1997. Even before graduating, Brandon has been with Energy Dynamics. He is recognized in the industry as one of the best “troubleshooters” and “hands-on” technicians. Brandon is also an excellent and entertaining trainer and public speaker.

Brandon Darnell

Dave Austerman HVAC Specialist
Dave Austerman

Territory Manager / Support

Dave Austerman manages our territories and dealer support. He will be your first point of contact. Dave was born and raised right where we call HQ home. He holds a degree in HVAC/R and has 14 years of experience. Dave is a determined individual with a creative side and can efficiently accomplish just about any task that you need.


Energy Dynamics, Inc. was founded in 1995 as the exclusive distributor of the Hydron Module product line back when it was manufactured by the Millbrook Hutterite Colony. In 2007, Enertech MFG acquired Hydron Module and began manufacturing that line as well as the GeoComfort line at a facility in Mitchell SD. We picked up the GeoComfort brand at that time and continue selling it and the Hydron Module line to this day. We are very proud of our long history of selling and supporting geothermal systems and doing our small part to grow the industry. In order to better serve our dealers, we have diversified our product offerings in recent years however our niche focus has remained on renewable and high-efficiency systems.         

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